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Speed up your Mortgage Process

Posted by Raoul Loustaunau

Once you decide to buy a home, you are beginning a process that can take weeks – if not months – to complete.


Being approved for a mortgage loan can take some time. Because it’s currently a buyer’s market, there are other potential homeowners who take up your lender’s time. The amount of paperwork has also increased in the past few years, which can draw out the approval process.


There are a few steps you can take to speed up the process.


1. Gather all paperwork before applying. Have all your paperwork ready before your initial meeting with the lender. You’ll need pay stubs from the past month, a bank statement from the past month, a homeowner’s insurance declaration page, and any other significant financial documentation. The more you initially provide, the faster the loan can be approved.


2. Be honest about your finances. Never exclude any information about your assets or finances. Most of your records are public and can be found by your lender, so don’t omit anything or misrepresent yourself in any way.


3. Make sure you’re there for the appraiser. The appraisal process can take a significant amount of time. Schedule the meeting immediately and be flexible. If the appraiser can’t reach you, the mortgage process could take much longer.


If you have any questions about the home buying or mortgage process, contact us today.

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